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Cyber Security

Penetration testing and security assessments can advance the security of your business by finding critical weaknesses. Our team of experts offer services to get your business the best security available.

Penetration Testing

Our security evaluations focus on identifying and fixing weaknesses in a company's web and mobile applications, network devices, source code and physical security. Following a technical security assessment, your organization can strengthen its defenses and reduce the risk of a data breach.
Vulnerability Assessments

Using both automated and manual techniques, our team discovers vulnerabilities that pose varying levels of risk to the organization. In order to produce accurate results and measurable metrics, NTC follows the industry standard Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM).

Internal and External Penetration Testing

Our team attempts to gain access to your physical or logical infrastructures by using unknown (black box), partially known (gray box) or known (white box) methods. Each asset undergoes a comprehensive attack, and the results are evaluated and prioritized.

Wireless Security Assessment 

Our team tests your encryption and authentication technologies so you can protect the confidentiality of wireless transmissions, monitor and control unauthorized network access.

Web and mobile Application Assessment

We use an approach of which includes both automated and skilled manual analysis. The team performs a comprehensive test of the enabled security controls meant to protect the application’s exposed user interface.

Secure Source Code Analysis

We leverage a combination of leading automated source code scanning tools with seasoned security expertise to thoroughly assess the quality and security of virtually any existing code base.

Social Engineering

Our team offers both physical and electronic social engineering to test the security awareness of your employees. We utilize email and phone phishing techniques.  We will attempt to retrieve information or access to company resources from your employee which would normally require authorization. During a physical security review and assessment, our team performs a review and assessment of the physical, electronic and human based controls in place protecting the location in scope.

Other security services NTC provides
  • Managed Cloud Security
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Network Threat Detection
  • PCI Compliance/Audit
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Breach Prevention and mitigation
Keep your business secure
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