Having the right phone and voice system for your business is highly important.
NTC knows the benefits of each provider and what can work best for you and your business.

Hosted PBX

SIP Trunks

Hosted PBX

Hosted VoIp is a technology advanced business VoIp service. It can be a cost efficient solution to traditional PBX phone systems. 

Cloud-based hosted IP PBX allows companies to finally replace their old phone system with a more flexible and affordable solution. The transition to hosted PBX means a significant shift in how your business communications are handled.

Cost savings

Compared to a traditional business phone system Hosted PBX poses fewer expenses.


The hosted solution enables businesses to add phone lines, extensions and connect to mobile devices.

Simple control

Hosted PBX is designed to be easy for users to manage. With a web portal allowing users to configure and set up their own features there is no longer a need to devote time to training and IT staff. ​



Voice over Internet Protocol improves the way we communicate, enabling people to transmit their voice over the internet.
Successful communication is crucial for a business. Behind the growth of any enterprise VoIP has played a part.
  • Money Saver

  • Flexible

  • Multi-functional

VoIP Services offered by NTC
  • Premise -Based VoIP Solutions

  • Local, Long Distance and Toll Free

  • VoIP Contact Center Solutions

  • VoIP Conferencing

  • Internet and Telecom Circuits

VoIp is a:

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are great for businesses with on site staff or an existing IP PBX.


Centralized management and hardware consolidation

Optimizes IP PBX investment

With SIP Trunks you can merge your communication and connect virtually to your existing IP PBX.


Mobility in business is crucial. It defines communication in the workplace as well as with our customers.
NTC has expertise in helping businesses find the best mobility solution.
Other voice consultation services

  • POTS Line


  • Customized Voice Applications

  • Built-in Redundancy

  • Audio and Video Conferencing

  • Long Distance

  • IVR Inbound Voice Recording / Call Center Applications

  • Bill Consolidation

Let NTC help you find the right voice service for your business