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Sustainable Energy

At NTC, our goal is to reduce the amount of global emissions and help companies become greener. We provide our clients with the best energy efficient solutions that will achieve their sustainable energy goals. At NTC, we aim to deliver significant cost reductions with minimal out of pocket expense.

Benefits of becoming a more sustainable company
Tax Breaks

Many tax deductions and credits exist for businesses who go green. The decision to become more sustainable ends up paying off later when you do your company's taxes. There are tons of tax credits for eligible businesses. 

Healthier Workplace

According to The Green Business Bureau's website,  companies who promote healthier workplaces usually report a large decrease in the number of employee sick days, averaging about 20 percent. That's a lot of extra productivity and a lot less money paid out for sick leave or other medical benefits.

Cost Savings
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Cost savings go hand in hand with tax breaks. Becoming a more energy sustainable company may seem more expensive at first, but when you take a look at the tax breaks and combined with money you can save on energy costs,  it's actually a great financial choice. 

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