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IT Risk Assessement

 Our team will ensure that your IT systems, processes, and people are aligned with your strategic business objectives, that all IT risks are understood, and that the costs of safeguarding your assets are manageable and appropriate.

A Proper IT Risk Assessment is Valuable

Through a comprehensive assessment of your IT environment or select assessments of specific systems, our team can help you determine whether the existing IT policies, procedures, infrastructure, applications and security posture are suitably aligned with your organization’s short-term and long-term business objectives.
This assessment can provide management with:
  • Identification and mitigation of critical risks within your IT environment

  • Provide assurance to executives that IT risks are understood and properly controlled

  • The information and expert opinions needed to make well-informed risk management decisions to justify an existing or planned IT budget

  • A prioritized road-map of remediation activities to address vulnerabilities, ensuring the greatest return on IT investments

  • Alignment of IT objectives with organizational goal

IT Risk Assessment Areas

IT Governance

Our team assesses the culture, organization, policies, and procedures that provide for IT management and control across five key areas:

  • Alignment of IT strategy and business/operational requirements

  • Resource management

  • Value delivery

  • Risk management

  • Performance measurement.

IT Organization

We use industry benchmarks to assess:

  • IT department

  • Staff

  • Resources. 

We will evaluate:

  • IT training programs

  • IT management structure

  • Compensation levels

to ensure your organization is achieving maximum efficiency, employee satisfaction, and employee retention.

Security and Continuity

Our team reviews all aspects of IT security:

  • Development standards

  • Data security

  • Configuration management

  • Threat and vulnerability management

  • Incident response

  • Security awareness training

  • Data classifications

  • Vendor due diligence.


We perform a critical analysis of key applications to determine:

  • Effectiveness

  • Business value

  • Lifespan

  • Reliability

  • End user satisfaction of each application

During the analysis, we categorize each application into four categories: tolerate, invest, migrate, or eliminate.

Network Infrastructure

Our professionals evaluate the security and suitability of all elements of your internal IT environment, including:

  • The architecture and configurations of firewalls

  • Servers and databases

  •  Wireless networks

  • Bring-your-own-device policies.

Compliance Reviews and Readiness Assessments

Through years of experience and acquired expertise, NTC performs compliance reviews against most standards and readiness assessments in advance of various types of formal audits.  Some of these standards, audit types, and regulatory bodies include:

  • ISO 27002



  • FFIEC Guidelines

  • NIST


  • Sarbanes Oxley

  • SEC


  • SSAE 16

  • NCUA, FRB, and NY DFS

We study requirements and include them into an assessment program, then we provide a corresponding assessment of your current environment. After completing our assessment we offer a report giving results and recommendations for fixing and improving issues. We also provide consultation to help you during the formal audit process.

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