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Jay Frank

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Jason Ryan Frank, AKA Jay Frank a proud native New Yorker, co-founded NTC with his brother Darin shortly after the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The ACT which deregulated local phone service opened the door for entrepreneurs like Jay and Darin in 1997. At its birth NTC was incorporated as Nice Touch Communications, but has now evolved to Nice Touch Consulting. Over the last 20 years Jay has been responsible for managing the day to day operations at NTC. He is also responsible for the inception of Telecom for Charity( which is the most sustainable, embedded, philanthropy, telecom procurement platform nationally. Jay heads other programs, offering creative ways to attract referral partners.  After 20 years of established business, Jay is continuing to help expand NTC as the procurement experts they have grown into, for all things cloud, collocation and connectivity. 

Aside from his customer first approach in the workplace, Jay enjoys playing guitar, cooking and above all Jay is a family man who wants to be best role model he can to his two children and have as much fun as he can along the way.

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